Beautiful things to love, inspired by the World

Loveshak is the result of a vision I've been working towards for many years... Since back when I was a teen attending work experience for then fashion designer "Jeni", I was inspired by her successful home based business. Who wouldn't admire a beautiful home/work studio only moments from the beach among the birds and the trees? Plus such flexibility - while the kids were at school she was all business, but the moment they ran through the door she was a present and devoted "Mum". To me it appeared the perfect balance for family life in the modern age. Now (quite a few) years later I still admire how Jeni's working oasis operated at home and have tried to create something similar for my own reality. After recently co-owning a quirky homewares store with my BFF in sunny Terrigal (another dream of mine) family commitments forced the balancing act to struggle, so I chose to move in a new direction. These days, I hold a deep passion for my gorgeous family (my beautiful kids are by far my best ever creation!) but I also crave an outlet for my desire to surround myself with creativity. My mind is constantly in motion, so whether I'm styling tiny retail spaces, trade fair stands or homes, networking with clever designers and artisans, selling to lovely customers, creating our own beautiful things or sourcing objects of desire - Loveshak was born with the objective to blend and balance (or juggle!) all my great loves...

I have a few design/business diplomas under my belt, but to be honest most of my knowledge and skills are from being on the job and developed over the years. I have an experienced,  trained eye combined with a natural understanding of what works. I can offer suggestions of how to utilise your current collection and provide you the opportunity to inject your personality with desirable, on-trend, affordable items that enhance your home.  Inspired by the world and travel, I aim to share my ideas and the beautiful things to love I've discovered along the way through my styling service, pop up locations and online store.

Loveshak is always evolving and our soap & skin collection is the perfect example. I was inspired by a trip to San Francisco where I came across my first “beer soap” and just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Over the years (another child and lots of research/development) our range came to life. I'm beside myself with excitement about stunning soaps (beer never looked so pretty) and unique skincare products made with real beer, wine, champagne or wine grape extract. We sell the range through boutique stores, cellar doors, our online store and at random wine/beer festivals (I know, it's such a tough job!?) 

I'm constantly bursting with ideas, networking with talented independent makers and thrive on sharing the love and putting things into action. So stay tuned as I 'fine tune' and be sure to follow Loveshak on facebook/instagram/pinterest to keep in the loop.

And remember, love is all you need ♥

Lisa @ Loveshak